1 Dozen ‘Emoji Get Well’ Decorated Cut-Out Cookies

$36.00 $32.40

Our decorated cut-out cookies are the perfect addition to any party, event or special occasion! This selection will give you one dozen assorted Emoji Get Well themed decorated cookies as pictured on this page. Scroll below to customize the text cookie to read any message you’d like.

You receive an automatic 10% discount just by ordering this popular theme option online. Same day orders are accepted if placed before 5 am, a $2 up-charge will apply.

**Please note: By increasing the order quantity on this page, you are adding 12 decorated cookies to your order (ex.: 1 = 1 dozen / 2 = 2 dozen / 3 = 3 dozen / etc.).

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If left blank, we’ll write the default “Get Well” message.

  • Decorated cut-out cookies are only available for local delivery or in-store pickup as they could be damaged if shipped.

    *If this is for a gift, you will be able to add a gift message at checkout.

  • Weight 200 lbs