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From day one I grew up seeing true entrepreneurship, dedication, and hard work turned into something incredible and immediately I knew – I wanted IN! What we have been able to create with an Omaha staple (Kristen’s Cookies), some elbow grease, and the help, love, and support of some truly incredible people is my dream come true! My heart is so full and I could not be more delighted to introduce to the world what we’ve been working so hard on: Carson’s Cookie Fix!

– Madison Carson
Owner of Carson’s Cookie Fix


“One thing I learned from a very young age is that success is not something you come by alone.”-Madison Carson

The magic behind the scenes:

One thing I learned from a very young age is that success is not something you come by alone.  There are always people along the way, whether you realize it or not, who push you, encourage you, and make you feel like you can when all you want to do is throw in the towel (and possibly cry in the corner)…it’s those people who make dreams become a reality and far too often do not get the recognition they deserve.  My family and friends are some of those obvious individuals, however, the ones who work by my side day in and day out truly deserve recognition…the members of my rock-star team.  Let me give the biggest and most heartfelt THANK YOU to my amazing team for not only working their butts off every single day, but for also putting up with me and my quirks, constant singing, and jumping out and scaring people on a daily basis.  You all believe in me, even when I have my doubts and push me to make this the best it possibly can be.  Without you, NONE of this would be possible!  

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