Answers to your most frequently asked questions.

This can be a tough one that really depends on a few factors…however as a good rule of thumb, please try to give us 72-hour notice (the more notice the better).  However, please always feel free to give us a call to see if we can squeeze you in!  We always do our very best to accommodate!

Our decorated cookies are quite literally a work of art and the process we use (flooding) is more time consuming than other types of decorating.  Our decorated cookies have more of a sleek, shiny, finished look as opposed to raised mounds of icing.  Please take a look through our gallery to see examples.  We have hundreds of cutters and the options are endless!

Our official hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM… HOWEVER, we get here very early in the morning and typically have the doors open around 7:30/8, so if you need/want to pick up an order early, just ask!

We always deliver to all of the Omaha area.  Most of the time we can accommodate areas just outside of Omaha (Council Bluffs, Bellevue, Bennington, etc.), however it does depend on our current delivery schedule as well as how much notice we are given.  Please give us a call to inquire about outlying areas.

Delivery is based on the zip code of where it is going and ranges anywhere from $10-22.

No. We will deliver any order large or small!

Unfortunately, not at this time.  We are a small team and are not able to guarantee delivery times.  We do, however, guarantee your order will be delivered by 3 for schools and 4:30 for business.  With the exception of the holiday season, we typically are finished with deliveries by 1:00 PM.

Sometimes.  If you get your order in before our delivery driver leaves to go out on deliveries (typically around 9 AM) or if we can squeeze you in on another route, we will!  We always do our best to accommodate every order!  There is a $2 upcharge for same day deliveries.

Apartments – Many apartments in the area are secure and are not accessible to the public.  We will do our very best to get your gift to the recipient or to a leasing office (if they accept deliveries), however there are times where we are not able to deliver and must bring the gift back.  In this case, you can pick-up your order or we can redeliver for another delivery charge and the same products.  You will, however, still be charged the full price.  One option many people choose to help by-pass the issue is shipping their order.

Dorms – We do deliver to dorms, however, almost 100% of the time, we must leave the delivery with the front desk and cannot deliver to the student’s actual dorm room.

Schools – We do require you to call the school ahead of time to ensure they allow deliveries.  Some schools do not allow deliveries or have rules/parameters that must be followed in order for us to make a delivery.

We ship nationwide every day!  Our gourmet cookies (chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, etc.) ship very well along with our gift basket items, like our mixed nuts, popcorn, biscotti bites, and more!  We discourage people from shipping our decorated cookies because of breakage and the decorating being destroyed, however, we will do it if you insist.  Just know, you are doing it at your own risk.

This is where we can take literally any image (as long as it is in jpeg format) and print it on edible paper which is then transferred to your cookie!

Unlike most other businesses of similar products around town, we are only one shop (not a franchise with multiple locations) and we only use the highest quality products.  We make everything in house A – Z to provide the freshest and highest quality products. Taste them for yourself and you will immediately understand! 😉

For fraud protection reasons with our credit card processing company, we are charged a higher percentage when we manually enter a number as opposed to swiping your card.  We are happy to manually enter your card, however unfortunately you will be charged a $2.50 service fee.  This helps us keep our prices as low as possible.

Still have questions? E-mail us at yum@carsonscookiefix.com or call us at (402) 391-4331. We’re here to help!